Happy New years 2018

Happy New years 2018

Dear Friends,

As you  know I am happy to share our news with you once a month.

This past month has been full of surprises again!

In November our Gourmet nights were a renewed big success with, among others, smoked duck breast and duck mousse salad, seafood vol-au-vent and honey and thyme sauce lamb shank which our customers have greatly appreciated.

As I have already explained last time, we have been working really hard to prepare for Christmas and the New Year.

Additionally to our Special Christmas Menu this year, we also have added brand new products to our Bon Carlos  range in the form of various types of Cooking Kits for Cookies, rice pudding, lentil soup, risotto and the famous spice for mulled wine… In these kits we have collected all the necessary ingredients to facilitate the preparation of the recipe (included in the kit) so you will obtain the proposed dish without effort. All you need to do is to  add the liquid ingredients, to cook it and to enjoy it! Needless to remind you that these kits as well as all Bon Carlos products are all made with natural producesand contain no addictives. It’s a great idea for Christmas or New year gifts. We can also prepare very nice food baskets with different items from Le Cuistot, or alternatively you can even buy a gift card for Le Cuistot.

As I told previously the last month was full of surprises; one exciting one was that we got a visit from Gizi TV and we helped and supported them for the shooting of one episode for their new TV series. We gave them the opportunity to shoot scenes at our restaurant for one day…It was a great experience!

Furthermore we are supporting one great Artist Valerie Cuinat Çelebi with her art. Her exhibition in our boutique is a great success and we are proud to give her that support.

This could be a opportunity for you maybe when you have a breakfast or dinner in our studio to find the right Christmas New Year’s present!

This is already the last news for 2017….We are awaiting 2018 with lots of novelties already planned. For Carlos and his team 2018 will be a new challenge. We will celebrate 2 years of the Studio and if every things goes well for us you can expect a new surprise around April 2018.

I would like to thank all of you for a wonderful year 2017, as the Turks often say “eksik olmayın”! You give me and my team the opportunities to grow…

Thank you for following me. And before I forget, I have created a YouTube channel  so now you can following me there as well!   https://youtu.be/b-wVDNkXVgs

By the way, do not forget to place your order for Christmas and the New Year,  we offer a 10% discount if you order before December 10th!

Have a wonderful happy holiday and me and my team wish you a happy new year 2018!

Your Carlos Lecuistot

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Instagram : lecuistotstudio


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