Local artisans and special event

Local artisans and special event

Good Morning,

I hope you are well. The blog is only 3 week old and I really enjoy taking the time to sit down and write, it makes me feel closer to you all.
If I want to be honest, when I started this blog I was a bit worried that I wouldn’t have enough topics to make it interesting but I now realise that I have so much that I can share with you.
I am just back from a big event we organized yesterday for Serge Ferrari, it was a wonderful success and gave us the opportunity to meet many people and to let them taste our delicious meals.
The news this week is that we have decided to start a delivery service! It requires considerable organisation but I believe it is a very good decision for LeCuistot Studio: I am not sure yet when we will be ready, for sure very soon, of course we will keep you updated.

To be different is one of our strong features and to make the difference you must always be creative. The very enjoyable side of that is that it is never boring. We use to work with large suppliers but I little by little I have turned my back on them and I strive to work with various local artisans. I am always looking for new artisans to supply us with very good products. For example we buy our cheese from Izmir, our mozzarella and burrata from a local farmer, our smoked salmon is home made by Mr Aras with his brand ”Aleta” who uses special wood from Patagonia to smoke the salmons. In my experience dealing with local artisans rather than large suppliers is always a plus as it enables me to build stronger and more convivial business ties as well as to much better control the quality of the products. So if you have your own preferred artisans you are welcome to share the info with me.

Additionally Le Cuistot Studio gives the opportunity to different artist to exhibit in the studio. We already held photography shows by Annette Fleck from Germany and Noemi Deveaux who takes fabulous picture from Istanbul and also family portraits, weddings and special events.
This month we are collaborating with Daffa Konaté from Kelen. She is presenting different artists from Africa, and we gave her the opportunity to present Serge Mienandi who is doing paintings.

Le Cuistot Studio is not only a place where you can eat delicious meals but also one where you can meet interesting people and artists. Cooking is an art and this why we like to collaborate with different types of artist. Please feel free to come up with and propose new ideas, you are always welcome!

Well it is Friday and I must be ready to welcome you at the weekend so I must now run back to my kitchen… I promise that next time I’ll give you one of my recipes! .


Bon Appétit!

Your Carlos Lecuistot


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