Our last news….

Our last news….

Hello to all,

First I would like to thank you for the interest you have shown in my blog.

Since quite a lot of my followers are English-speaking or Anglophone I have decided to write this blog in English ; I think it is widely spoken enough for most to be able to enjoy it.

Our first ‘special interest’ evening last week was a great success with our Moroccan Couscous. Our next themed dinner will take us to Spain to savour a delicious Paella and other local specialities at the end of October.

My team and myself have organised  a brunch event for a large corporation this week and we are proud to say that it went very well. We are increasingly developing our catering activities while safeguarding our ‘boutique’ qualities’ that are so precious to me

The profession of restaurant owner is not an easy one, one must be ready for the unexpected along the way but it is the reason why it is challenging and exciting. I created this blog in order to share the life of  ‘Le Cuistot’ and to keep you updated on our developments. Many of you have been following me on social networks over the last 5 years but thanks to this blog you will discover the other side of the coin!

Many of you ask me for my recipes and I have always kept them secret so far but as time passes I feel like sharing more with you and why not  unveil for you one of my secrets every once in awhile ?
Should you feel like you wish to participate or tackle certain gastronomic subjects on my blog, should you have any questions, I am of course available and ready to listen and to answer.
Well, now time to get back to my lasagna…!  Bon appétit !

Your Carlos Lecuistot


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